Who is Jill?



Hi World!

Touching without Permission since 1985 

Hey Y’all! I’m so glad (& only slightly creeped out) that you want to know more about the wizard behind the computer! The short end of this story is I’m just like you!

  I grew up during a magical time when you played outside, got your hands dirty, met interesting creatures & dreamed of visiting exotic lands! Now that I am “an adult” it’s time to get going!

So saddle up, the worlds waiting!

Oh.. you’re still here? You mean you wanted to know even MORE? Well, I’m married to that guy in the picture above, who is usually behind the camera! We hang our hats & keep our worldly possessions (i.e. my ET collection) in Florida, where we are renovating a small farm.

Dogs, I love ’em! Cats, duh! Exotic Animals, YES PLEASE!

Now can we get back to the touching?


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